Mwamba Climbing Gym
Kampala, Uganda

We are currently collaborating with the Global Climbing Initiative on an exciting project to establish Uganda’s first climbing gym, named Mwamba Climbing. Designed with inclusivity, openness, and sustainability at its core, this pioneering project integrates passive cooling techniques and locally sourced materials. Mwamba Climbing aims to spearhead the growth of the climbing community across Africa.

Our collaborative design, developed with a local architect, features indoor and outdoor rope climbing areas, expansive bouldering walls, dedicated training zones, and versatile exercise rooms. Compliant with International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) standards, Mwamba is not only a community hub but also a potential venue for hosting international bouldering competitions, positioning it as a focal point in the ever growing global climbing landscape.

Project Team:


Global Climbing Initiative


Local Architects

Haze Viz

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