Established by George Guida and Tatjana Crossley in 2019, ArchiTAG is an international architecture and design innovation firm. We work between practice, research, and academia on projects that use technologies to augment and mediate human experience, interaction, and perception.
ArchiTAG is an international office for design and innovation. Our work spans from the physical to the digital through augmented to virtual realities powered by AI. We explore technological aspects of design in order to propose innovative ways of perceiving and constructing new collective environments. We put forward radical modes of understanding and engaging with place, implementing more inclusive designs that generate sensorial multiplicity.
George Guida
Co-founder & Technology Director
George Guida is an ARB RIBA architect and technology optimist. His main interests lie at the intersection between design and technology through the lens of sustainability, computation, and machine intelligence. Originally from Rome, Italy, he completed his architectural studies at the Architectural Association in 2017, and at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2022. He works and teaches creative applications of generative AI at Wentworth, Northeastern, and as Research Associate at the Harvard Laboratory for Design Technologies. He has recently worked in the City Science group at the MIT Media Lab and previously on several high-end residential, commercial, and cultural projects in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East at Foster + Partners. As a LEED Accredited Professional and AI-aided designer, his research expands in practice through the creation of forward-thinking designs and applied research.
Tatjana Crossley
Co-founder & Creative Director
Tatjana's research focuses on the sensorial and psychology of immersive spaces and virtual realities. Specifically, she has been examining the development of the body image in relation to how the subject perceives space, themselves within space, and the other, using theories from psychology, philosophy, biological and technological sciences and art and architectural history. This research has been published and presented at conferences and symposia, and has been applied to her design work. She completed her PhD at the Architectural Association, Master’s at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design (M.Arch II) and Bachelor’s at Rice University (B.Arch) and has worked in practice, at S.O.M. San Francisco, and academia, having taught at the Architectural Association and currently teaching at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
ArchTAG offers a complete suite of architectural services, including brief development, concept design, planning applications, technical development, and construction management. Our experience spans internationally across residential, commercial, hospitality, mixed-use developments, and historic preservation, having worked at SOM, CZWG, and Foster + Partners. Our approach is rooted in sustainable practices and high-quality personalized design. Our generative AI and computation expertise gives us a fresh approach to creative and data-validated designs.
Research & Strategic AI Development
Research and academic practices drive us to imagine, envision and project new realities. We work with a product-driven approach with multidisciplinary teams to push preconceived norms and workflows, from state-of-the-art machine learning applications in design to speculative design and current notions of the metaverse. We offer AEC AI support for practices and projects with strategic insights on the latest tools and workflows. This includes support from creative ideation and process optimization, to building generative AI products using the latest API's and fine tunable models. Email us for information about our 2024 AI + Future of Architecture Practice Report.
Online & XR Experiences
We create custom virtual spaces and immersive experiences that bridge the digital and physical. This ranges across VR virtual environments; AR mixed reality installations, or multiplayer web-based platforms... We bring people together through narrative and immersive tools.
Creative Direction & Exhibitions
ArchiTAG designs and creates experiences that are both permanent and temporary. We work with curators and artists to design thought-provoking installations that utilize the power of narrative and information and that challenge the boundaries imposed by the physical gallery space. We merge our professional and academic knowledge to create personalized and meaningful experiences that make information and design accessible.

If you have a project in mind, please get in touch with us at​


If you have a project in mind, please get in touch with us at