Mercato Cultura
Veneto, Italy

The project offers a vibrant and multigenerational urban park with programs such as children’s recreation areas, a coffee bar, a new public piazza, and a nodal extension to the existing cycle infrastructure. The proposed landscape seeks to connect to both ecological and cultural networks, while responding directly to the local climatic conditions and sloping topography of the site. The landscape intervention would assist with flood prevention of the Piave River using the dispersal and diversion of rainwater, which slows and mitigates runoff. This would create an opportunity for rainwater collection for irrigation and future urban farming activities. On the architectural scale, the proposal seeks to retain and extend the existing ATVO bus canopies into a series of vaulted timber spaces. These would house a ground level market for the exchange of local culture and agricultural activities. It is a commercial space for local farms, vineyards and artisans, promoting regional agriculture and craft. The paving patterns are designed to connect the site to surrounding interventions and different parts of the city, drawing people onto the site while also acting as fingers reaching out and extending the porous nature of the site.

The existing building renovations involve the replacement of the external concrete panels with a polycarbonate skin. The design proposes a replication of the existing central arch, creating repeated arched enclosures to house a hydroponic greenhouse farm, dining spaces, flexible office spaces and a theatre space with the dance studio. The spatial layout is improved with the removal of existing wall partitions, creating an open plan more conducive to collaborative workspaces and the new social venues. Internal spaces promote wellbeing through biophilia, cross ventilation, well-lit spaces, and deep louvers for heat control on the southern façade.

Project Team:

ArchiTAG, McCloy + Muchemwa


Renders - Haze Visualizations

Veneto, Italy
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Urban Regeneration, Public Piazza, Market Place, Veneto, Arts Center
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