CUHK Architecture Design Studio
Chinese University of Hong Kong

This studio sought to challenge current modes of perceiving through the use of new technologies and proposed exploration into alternate models in order to design architecture for the multiplicitous body. It did this through three lines of related inquiry:

  1. The examination of human interaction with architecture and ways of producing more communicative structures;
  2. The examination of the cyborg and the production of sensorial and biometric devices that produce perceptual shifts;
  3. And the examination of the built environment and how it can be augmented through the production of narrative and world-building that re-imagines Hong Kong.  

The studio built upon experiential theories of architecture and design, examining the responsive, sensorial, and immersive through 3 phases that built upon one another. We used various technologies and modes of representation to formulate critical standpoints on architectural issues in Hong Kong.

Academic Year 2021 - 2022

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