Project Description

Located in South West London, this project consists of a community centre in addition to several residential flats. With aspirations to provide a space for local residents to convene, exercise, celebrate and relax. 


The project consists of the renovation of several existing apartment building facades and the design of a new building that will host the community center, public resident spaces, and additional flats. When considering the facade renovation, several predominant elements on the buildings were analyzed, and through this, we developed a palette of materials and architectural expressions that define the current aesthetic of the development. When considering the design of the community centre, as it is sited next to the Thames riverfront, accessibility and views were of key importance. Our design proposes to create a higher quality community and living environment to celebrate the uniqueness of the site, incorporate full accessibility and green spaces, and the possibility of a community gardening area. It includes the design of fitness amenities and children's play areas, interior and exterior gathering spaces, and improved connectivity with local amenities and public transportation. The massing of the centre responds to the existing buildings and surrounding context, views to the river, the maximization of site area use, flexibility of space, and analysis of user paths through the site. 


Albert Community Centre

Client: Private Estate

Location: Wandsworth Borough, London, UK

Architect: ArchiTAG

Year: 2020

Status: Feasibility Study



2020 Feasibility Study