Project Description

During the common academic life, memorable events happen all in one place. As a result, students, professors, staff, among many others, often learn to cherish its physical location. A building or a campus becomes one's home, part of one's day-to-day and coming-of-age. Yet, due to unfortunate events in the past year, these convivial places were made physically inaccessible.

Gund.Io was selected for the Harvard Kirkland Gallery Spring Exhibition. This project utilizes the digital form to interpret iconic facilities, spaces, and events from Harvard University and the Graduate School of Design. The collective exhibit underscores the role of placemaking in academia. It highlights that even in challenging scenarios, there is a concern in reenvisioning common spaces and communities of the university. Although the physical site remains inaccessible, its ethos has not left our imagination. The works in this exhibition render visual and sensorial experiences that were not possible in the physical setting. They offer a participatory way to look back at familiar places while at the same time creatively speculating how they could be. By doing so, the participating artists and designers incorporated personal thoughts and artistic manifestations in its content and form. With these immersive works, iconic spaces of Harvard can be traversed again, but now they can also be clicked, viewed, liked, and shared. is an ongoing prototype of an immersive 3D environment for students and professors to virtually learn, collaborate, and socialize under one centralized platform. Through the digitization of our familiar, yet for many unfamiliar Gund Hall, we augmented this space through a gamification strategy and WebXR technologies. Users can navigate within this dynamic and multi-sensorial space with avatars and view the other exhibitions.

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Ongoing Web-based & Virtual Reality prototype

 Gund.IO - A Multimodal Virtual Experience

Project: Gund.IO

Full Project Video: Youtube Link

Project Team: George Guida, Runjia Tian, Yuebin Dong, Gabriella Perry

Project Support: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Allen Sayegh, ArchiTAG

Year: Ongoing

Harvard GSD Kirkland Gallery Exhibition: 

2021.4 A Search for a Virtual Harvard 

Harvard GSD Exhibition:

Gallery 40k : That is a Wrap Exhibition

Conference Paper:

Guida, G., Tian, R. and Dong, Y. (2021). Multimodal Virtual
Experience for Design Schools in the Immersive Web.
Towards a new, configurable architecture - Proceedings
of the 39th eCAADe Conference, 1, pp.415–424.